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Add price for the first night / extras inside the complex tariff

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11 months 1 week ago #15001 by christian.mindemann
I have a highly needed request for a missing future, since our billing method requires to charge a "first night" price.

The first night costs 121 Euro but from the second night on every night costs 81 Euro.

So there is an additional 40 EUR only for the first night we need to charge.

Like if a guest books a stay from Tuesday to Friday, then he stays 3 nights, so he should pay 121+81+81 = 283 Euros

I wanted it to add via the complex tariff, but the issue is It can only be set for fixed weekdays (like e.g. fix price on Sunday).

But there should be also an option for "first day" only, so it shouldn't matter what day the guest arrives.

I mean, no matter what day he chooses to arrive, I should be able to let him pay 40 Euro more only for the first day in that room, so he pays 121 first day and 81 for all next days.

(I tried a workaround using the "Extra" option, but then the price only shows in the final payment view during payment.. and also I can't define any limited time frame like in the complex tariff)

Best would be if you could please add a new feature in the complex tariff to add some possibility to add an extra price to be added to the total price (and also show in the displayed price tag).

Right now we only need it for that first night..
but for other users you could consider to allow multiple fields, like in the preview I prepared.

Very urgent for our project, so really thankfull if you could look into it soon.
Many thanks in advance and best regards
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11 months 1 week ago #15006 by rasiv2701
I will need something like this too for my Sofia holidayflats website I make "

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