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Add OpenstreetMap with Solidres instead of Google Map.

3 months 4 weeks ago #16414 by Sholjan
Hi All,

In recent times, Google's new policy for using its map making website owner considering some additional cost. The OpenStreetMap is a well alternative to GoogleMap. It is Open Source like Joomla and Free. There are good community driven tutorial and support also available like Joomla. I can share one link of tutorials for enthusiastic developer and reader. They can also be used with Joomla custom fields as well as per your other need.

I have no relation with OpenStreetMap in any form, only have a general user account to work with for my website development needs.

So my cordial request to Solidres Joomla Developer team and also to MR. Vietvh to consider the request.

Thanks and good luck to all!

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3 months 3 weeks ago #16418 by solidres

Thank you for your suggestions, we also thought about this change as well but unfortunately no big progress has been made so far regarding this.

We will move your topic to our Feature Request forum so that we can track it easier.


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3 months 3 weeks ago - 3 months 3 weeks ago #16422 by Sholjan

Thanks for the move.
But as the map is an obvious part of the component, the sooner is the better.

I also come to learn that these map can be used with Joomla core custom fields as well.

I can give you 2 ideas:
1. Make the google map section as a plugin instead of core integration part of the component
2. Make another plugin with OpenStreetMap and include with download package.

You can also find some ready made extensions of this map function and can study. You can also study the link of leafletjs website. I believe you can add more functionality than that one of google map with this open sours javascript map library.

Waiting for the news of the new development of map section of our beloved Solidres soon.
For more reference, you can also view this youtube video .

Thank you very much.
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