Numbers along the top of room types, in the calendar

3 months 2 hours ago #20249 by Thellie
In the screenshot attached, it shows a line of numbers across the top of each room type, each day, in the calendar section.

I thought this showed the number of rooms booked/total... So, if it's 4/7, there are 4 rooms booked out of 7 in total.

But if you look at the screenshot, this can't be the case, as every one of them has the same number on either side of the slash (/)... eg 0/0, 1/1,2/2...etc

So what do the numbers signify?


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3 months 2 hours ago #20250 by solidres

It is from the Channel Manager plugin to show the local vs channel inventory.

The left number is local inventory and the right one is the channel inventory. When both numbers equals, that means the synchronization is working correctly to avoid overbooking.


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3 months 1 hour ago #20251 by Thellie
Ah, that's handy.

We get mismatches regularly, mainly with - I guess that's because of the high number of bookings from them. On Saturday we had 26 guests show up with a booking for 6 nights, and nothing was in our system (they had booked in May '23). We were already nearly full so had to find alternative accommodation for them.

My understanding is that a mismatch occurs when an OTA thinks there X amount of rooms available, but there are actually Y rooms - this can create double bookings as Solidres has less rooms available than the OTA is offering.

We currently use Solidres/Myallocator/ &

1. If a booking is made through an OTA, but not enough rooms are available, is it set as 'Cancelled' by Solidres?

2. If set to cancelled, the OTA doesn't change - it still believes the room has been booked - correct?

3. When and why is 'No assigned rooms' status used?

4. If a booking is made for multiple consecutive dates, and the same room is only available for some dates (but other rooms are available), what does Solidres do?

5. You mentioned to me in a ticket (in 2019) that you were looking to create a method to update availability mismatches in the dashboard, rather than having to go into each room type tariff - is this still going to happen?

6. Are there any major differences between and Solidres which cause mismatch issues?

7. What are the best settings for Solidres to minimise problems - for tariffs, room types...?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm going to have to explain the mismatch problems to our director to justify continuing to use Solidres, rather than using Myallocator directly (or more likely Beds24).


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2 months 4 weeks ago #20252 by solidres

1 & 2. In case of not enough rooms (because of mismatch inventory), then reservation is not set as "Cancelled" by Solidres.

3. That status is used when Solidres got a reservation but the local has no inventory.

4. The reservation is set as Cancelled.

5. It was a plan, but it is not yet implemented due to other higher priority tasks.

6 & 7. The mismatch issue could happen because of various reasons: site downtime, data transfer issue, hosting upgrade. When both inventory matched perfectly like your previous screenshot, the mismatch rarely happened. And when it happened it is much easier to track down the root cause.

It could be easier if there is a mechanism to notify when a mismatch occurs, we will consider that for future release.


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