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I feel incompetent with CSS

1 year 2 months ago #13873 by GeorgeMendes
I feel incompetent with CSS was created by GeorgeMendes
I have taken several courses including W3 tutorials and freecodecamp’s responsive web design course. I’m doing the projects for the responsive web design module on freecodecamp and after going through the css lessons, so many unexpected things happen when I try to style elements and create a layout.I’m a CS student in uni and I have felt like this before with python and C++, when that happened I decided I needed to learn more and I was able to do so. But with CSS, I feel like there are so many properties with so many nuances and I have no clue where to begin, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Is this normal? Should I start going through some more courses or should I keep learning on the fly? What courses/resources would you recommend?

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