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Simple Joomla Solidres touch screen UI needed to use our iPad at the front desk

7 months 3 weeks ago - 7 months 3 weeks ago #14331 by jimhomyak
Is there a better equipped UI (user interface) to run Solidres Joomla as the Front Desk attendant (using an iPad or a touch screen PC) instead of using the Joomla Administrator and Solidres Admin backend to create and manage bookings?

Doing "Add new reservation" in the administrator/index.php?option=com_solidres&view=reservation&layout=edit2 URL seems to be missing something rudimentary in an elegant designed control panel to have at our front desk.

Needs to be a complete point of sale.

Browse to this page -> www.solidres.com/#check-features

See what is missing? Missing is a feature entitled "Front Desk Point of Sale" that would comprise a simplified control panel without even a hint of running in any kind of CMS. Just the features to sell rooms, sell upgrades, add on the extras, get paid and check-in.

Every time our front desk staff go to answer the phone, they can be ready to touch the screen, check availability and book the stay for their caller all in a matter of moments. This could almost be as fast as using pencil and paper if we really think about it. But we are trying to convert away from paper and pencil. Hahahaha.

We want a seamless easy all-in-one motel/RV park solution - but even as close to hitting the nail on the head as Solidres is, it seems to be missing the simple control panel interface for touch screen/PC/Laptop/iPad/smartphone.

We do see "Backend and frontend reservation creation
Solidres offers 02 user interface for both staff and guest to create reservations." Those are not what I'd hope to see happen.

The Joomla Menu Item Type for "Solidres - Single property" and "Solidres - Reservation tracking form" are both very nice. Is there ever going to be a Joomla "Menu Item Type" created by the Solidres team that would be named "Solidres - Front Desk Staff Tools" which would display the kind of page I am striving for? If so, that page would be loaded up and logged in on all our screens everyday. It would be the only place we would go to run the system. Until then, it's going to stay at paper and pencil.

The way to act as Motel staff doing the Front Desk work is missing entirely besides the clunky "Add new reservation" found in Joomla backend.

Thank you in advance for pointing me in the right direction. I have a feeling that what I am talking about is not too far from happening.
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