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Some kind of data entry form is needed for getting an old motel to convert

7 months 3 weeks ago #14332 by jimhomyak
Is there any kind of php/sql script or form available for an old motel operator to easily enter his months and months of paper reservation book into Solidres for the very first time?

It appears today that all we can do is use "Add new reservation" one by one and key in all the required fields.

None of the currently booked guests ever needed to give us more than "Name" - "Check In/Out Dates" - "Phone No." - "Number of people" and a "Credit Card & exp date" for us to keep written on paper.

Now that we are going from paper to Solidres, is there NOT some kind of delimited page we can upload ourselves into the "database" inside Joomla? Such a solution would be loads easier to fill in what we have an push "Go" to input everything all at once. Even great to make available in the "Free" version of Joomla Solidres.

Thank you!

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