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8 years 10 months ago #4851 by MLNetworX

while having Seasonal Tariffs and only the option to book weekly there is a lack of function for this.

A possible Option for that case would be a CheckOut Limit to together with a Checkin Limit to and a Tariff based on Nightly Rate, example:
Tariff per Night of Januar 2015 is 100 €
Tariff per Night of Februar 2015 is 120 €
CheckIn and CheckOut are Limited to Satuarday

Booking a Week from 24.01.2015 to 31.10.2015 would be charged with 700€ (7x100€)
Booking a Week from 31.01.2015 to 07.02.2015 would be charged with 840€ (7x120€)
Booking two Weeks (Affecting two different seasonal Rates) from 24.01.2015 to 07.02.2015 would be charged with 1540€ (7x100€ plus 7x120€)

An other way to solve weekly bookings with different seasonal rates would be just the feature having weekly rates and a Checkin Limit to.
I am pretty sure it could be done around line 280 of /libraries/solidres/reservation/reservation.php
Therefor it should have a if-clause for weekly rates and the diff interval have to deliver a natural number if devided by 7, otherwise a exception should be thrown.

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6 years 1 month ago #10129 by solidres

This issue is now resolved using our Complex Tariff's Interval parameter, please check it out.


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