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How to configure a checkout/checkin for the same day/room

2 months 3 weeks ago #16575 by RhyeMedia

I am testing the Solidres (FREE) component to see if it can be used for a school camp which has 3 properties with only one room/area per property. It seems to be functioning ok so far but I have ran into an issue regarding same day checkouts and check-ins for a property/room.

For example; a school group books in to a room on a property from Monday (check-in) to Wednesday (checkout) and a second school group wants to book the same room at the same property but from Wednesday (check-in) to Friday (checkout).

Using the current set-up the second group can only book if they select Thursday as their check-in date.

How can I fix this issue? What changes to the settings do I need to make? Do I need to purchase the Pro version to make something like this work?

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2 months 2 weeks ago #16597 by solidres

Solidres supports two booking types:

+ Per night: like hotel booking

+ Per day: like apartment booking

So in your case, if you want Wednesday to be bookable, you need to set your property's Booking type = Per night.


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