DB Ordering column

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Hi guys,
about the:

_sr_reservation_assets_fields ordering column
_sr_room_types_fields ordering column

A - Is there a way to set them (order) for new items ? (As far as I see there is no any way right now to establish the fields order from backend...)

B - Right now in the tables for the existent items there are saved quite "random serial numbers"...
The order column values should be 1 to x for each item, correct?
Are you sure that the configured order is respected when viewing?

C - It seems that the "Channel Manager > MyAllocator / Hotel Spider" fields (4 fields) are all entered with the same ordering value as "1", while, as far as I know, they should be saved with values from 1 to 4...


D - When clicking on the "Properties" and / or "Room Types" menu items, the item list is opened by default ordering them by Name A>Z and not by following the ordering column values. Please, Is it the right behaviour ?
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2 years 4 months ago #18845 by joomleb
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Hi guys,
Please, Can you answer to this ticket ?

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