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Booking.com tax amount is not transferred to Solidres via channel manager

6 months 2 weeks ago #17251 by RevPar
Hi team,
In all the sites that I manage with the PMS, the invoices that are generated with a reservation via Booking are false: VAT does not appear!
Direct or with Expedia, it works normally.
Does the problem appear on your sites?
It would also be necessary to be able to regenerate all the invoices for the accounts of the establishments.

Best regards

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5 months 4 weeks ago #17320 by RevPar
I don't understand why no one complains about this! Solidres users do have reservations through Booking.com, and therefore have to invoice their customers; the invoices of the Booking.com reservations are false, because the VAT is not transmitted! Booking.com is not considering any change in the transfer of information via My allocator, and Solidres does not think this is a priority !!! ???
So every day, I have to change Booking.com reservations directly and manually in the database to add VAT! Do you think it is normal ? Not me ! It is an urgent adaptation that must be made by Solidres, right?
Your opinion ?

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3 months 4 weeks ago #17708 by RevPar
The bug concerning reservations via Booking.com which did not calculate VAT was resolved by my collaborator Stéphane Bouey from Faboba (Falang component).
Here it is as an attachment. Install the plugin, activate it, enter your VAT in absolute value (in France 10% on accommodation), and it works!
Gift and enjoy!

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