Experience Facebook to Messenger - fix

1 year 7 months ago #18362 by joomleb
Hi guys,
PHP 7.4.20 + Joomla 3.9.27 + Solidres 2.12.0 beta + Experience 1.7.0…

Experience page > Facebook link
Being that is opening the Messenger Chat, not a Facebook profile and/or a Facebook page:

A - it should be renamed as "Messenger" that is its name for the owner Facebook and it is valid for Facebook and Instagram (as you know now it has been unified). Please, do not rename it as "Facebook Messenger", Messenger is a separate independent app, as WhatsApp, and it would only waste space for nothing...

B - and with its Messenger FA icon

It is really too important because users do not understand that it opens a chat to comunicate (like it is happening for WhatsApp for example), they think it is just a page/profile link and they do not click on it...
Please, Can you "fix" it on next release ?

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