[2.12.8 Bug] Experience plg 1.7.6 > Booking legend

8 months 1 week ago - 8 months 1 week ago #19003 by joomleb
Hi guys,
PHP 7.4.29 + J 4.1.3 + Solidres 2.12.8 + Experience plg 1.7.6 etc. - test page test1.egulp.net/mevoy
Options > General > UI Framework: BT5 for J4
Experience > Reservation page: the Badges class badge-info is not updated to Bootstrap 5 getbootstrap.com/docs/5.0/components/badge/ it should be bg-info.
Now, I don't know how you want to fix it, if with a double class or if with a language string, so I did not edit the files. But to simplify your work here are the mentioned codes:

line 36 - <span class="badge badge-info">1</span>

Guest Info
line 35 - <span class="badge badge-info">2</span>

line 35 - <span class="badge badge-info">3</span>

Please, Can you confirm ?

By default you added a background to the Badges. It is more work for you to have it centered on all the padding / margin Templates cases. So, my suggestion is that it could be deprecated and deleted, leaving users to choose to add it just with CSS code...

…/media/plg_solidres_experience/assets/css/experience.css + min.css
.sr-experience .tour-info legend {
background: #EEE;
border-radius: 2px;
Are you agree ?
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8 months 1 week ago #19008 by solidres

We will fix the badge class for Bootstrap 5 in the next release.

About the legend background, thank you for your suggestion, but we will leave it as it is.

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