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1 month 1 week ago #19097 by joomleb
Hi guys,
creating a new Property / Experience by default the Booking process fields settings are:

- Disable online booking: No > Yes
- Show price: No
- Show inquiry form: No
- Use captcha: No > Yes

1 - Issue - "Disable online booking" and "Use captcha" should be moved to "Yes" by default, because a basic concept of HUB portal is to be able to manage Partners (frontend dashboard) permissions. As HUB Super User we can always & simply "hide" frontend fields depending on the logged Partner User > User Group. This is something Solidres has to keep in mind when set default options.
In this way we can hide, for example, the "Disable online booking" feature depending on the Partner User > User Group simply by hiding it.
Do you agree ?
Please, Where (files) can we quickly manually change this Property / Experience default setting ?

2 - In the Backend the "Show price", "Show inquiry form", "Use captcha" fields are opened only when the "Disable online booking" is set to "No", while into the Partner Dashboard they are shown in a flat mode (all fields options always opened).
Just to understand, Please, Why ?

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