[2.12.9 Bugs] Property Filter mod 0.9.1 & Experience Filter 0.5.1

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1 month 14 hours ago - 1 month 13 hours ago #19107 by joomleb
Hi guys,
PHP 7.4.30 + Joomla 3.10.10 & 4.1.5 + Solidres 2.12.9 + Hub 1.12.7 + Property Filter mod 0.9.1 & Experience Filter 0.5.1

Properties Filter module

1 - Issue - The Property Filter Module is missing the “Select a menu ID” field as we have into the Experience Filter module (that it has to be enabled and assigned to the same Experiences List menu)

2 - Issue - The Experience Filter module can filter also if I have not yet Searched anything, while with Property Filter module "...I must search for availability to show and use the Filter module…” - Please, Can you fix the Property Filter to work as the Experience Filter ? To have to perform a search to show it does not help the user experience (users do not understand it)

3 - PS - Would be really better to have a setting to choose if we want to work with the Nav and / or the new Bar, not to have them in a mixed confused way as right now.

4 - BUG - Feedbacks Score - conditions NO types - …/plugins/solidres/hub/components/com_solidres/views/search/view.html.php
line 322 > 336
line 80 > 98
it is reading the types _sr_feedback_attributes, while it should read the scores > the conditions _sr_feedback_confditions

5 - BUG - Feedbacks Score - not into Bar - …/plugins/solidres/hub/components/com_solidres/views/search/tmpl/default_navbar.php line 130…
Score menu item links are not shown into the Bar > Sort list as it is happening into the Nav

6 - Issue - When using the Bar the Filter module is shown in it, it is “moved” there, so, the Property Filter module should be hidden.

7 - Fixing - Some “missing” classes
- line 106 <li class="sortfilterbar-sort">
- line 111 <li class="reccomended"
- line 113 <li class="stars">
- line 116 <li class="stars">
- line 119 <li class="distance">
- line 122 <li class="distance">
- line 125 <li class="name">
- line 128 <li class="name">
Here I add the “fixed” file for you

8 - BUG - Filter into Bar - line 134 - The Filter dropdown-toggle - I add two images for you:
- A - it should be opened with the same “Sort” layout
- B - the “Close” up on the right is not needed because we can close clicking again on Filter, as for “Sort”
- C - the “Show”results” button div filter-bottom is not needed because the filtering is applied on the fly when selecting
Please, Which files can we take a look at to try to fix?

9 - BUG - Are you sure the Property Filter numbers into brackets are reflecting the exact Search Results availability number ? (As it is running for the Experience Filter module)

Experience Filter module

10 - BUG - I cannot unselect the first selection (just the first one) I made into the Filter
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