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Experiences -> Reservations -> Reservation -> a few remaining issues

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #11970 by Thellie
Viet Vu has been very helpful and solved some problems generally, including a new one specific to the Payment history section, but these remain...

Below is a list of a few issues I have found while trying to process a reservation.

General Information tab
  1. Really really need to be able to change the experience, and that change to automatically update the standard price fields to the new selection - We often have customers either change their mind, or have picked the wrong experience accidentally and we need to correct it.
  2. A new field to enter miscellaneous fees (in our case, we need another field to put in pickup/drop off surcharges)
  3. No of hours/days for an experience - they now show up in the modules with two decimal places. 8.00 Hours you can just about get away with, but 3.00 days...?
Payment tab/Payment history records
I have to say, before I start, that I still don't really understand the main Payment tab - is it meant to be a way of showing the latest payment status? What if there are multiple payment methods? For instance we ask for a Paypal deposit, then cash balance to be paid on the day of the programme. How can this be shown? Do we have to add up amounts in the payment history records and then enter them into the Payment tab manually?

Issues w/Payment history
  1. After adding a new payment history record, you cannot select the complete list of payment methods - only the one(s) available to customers. We only allow Paypal payments for customers, but as we add the cash payment record we need to be able to select another option like Pay Later or Offline. Please allow admin to select from all payment methods
  2. If you add a new payment history record, but then close it because you don't want to use it, the empty amount field comes up as invalid on Save - because the MySQL field cannot be empty. Instead of a 'Close' button, please can it be a delete record button?
  3. Payment history - Can we have a final row at the bottom with totals please?
  4. Payment tab - Can we have fields for Grand Total, Amount Paid, and Balance Remaining please? So that we can see at a glance the payment status (Also on Quickview please)

Invoice tab
  1. The Preview button isn't working

(There's also a layout/styling issue when you open an asset)

Considering how complex Solidres is, and how new the Experiences section is, I don't think this is very much - VIet Vu's doing a great job, and the product will continue to refine and improve especially if we all give constructive feedback.

Short wishlist (Feature requests)
  1. In the reservations list - Payment status to be editable inline, same as room bookings
  2. Quickview and invoices (incl. emails) to show Already Paid and Remaining Balance amounts - helps the customer as well as admin
  3. Ability to add unlimited additional fields for the group members' information - passport number, diet, gender, etc - not custom fields as these only refer to the person booking
  4. ...and finally... a list/sitemap/dropdown menu or similar showing the location of ALL the Solidres options - as I waste hours trying to find where I need to change, or have changed an option - was it in the main options section, assets, experiences, somewhere else...? Haha, it fries my mind sometimes.

Please feel free to make comments, add to the list, explain what I've missed or misunderstood, etc... Remember this is specific to the EXPERIENCES section, not room bookings
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