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I'm having trouble with setting Complex tariff - Rate per room per stay.

There are weekly offers during the period of 3 months. So I use "Complex tariff - Rate per room per stay" and manually enter the values for every week. The needed sum I divide by 7 (days of stay). But, no matter how many decimals I enter, it saves only up to 2 decimals.

In this case (attached photo) I have one weekly offer which cost 81 euro, but when I enter 11.5714285714 price per day it saves to 11.57. In this case 11.57 summed for 7 days will give the final result as 80.99, instead of 81.

Can you please help me, where can I increase the decimals of the value?
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Your username is not in the subscribers list (both active + inactive list).

As you ask support for a paid extension (Complex Tariff), you are required to open a private support ticket or you must email us the download ID + username so that we can verify your subscription and identity.

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The topic has been locked.
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