How to create a 'Book Now' Call to Action Button on Facebook

Facebook has a useful feature called "Call to Action" button that provides users with a seamless way of visiting your website. The button appears at the bottom right of the page’s cover photo.

Create a ‘Book Now’ Call to Action Button on Facebook

Because of its location, it is possibly one of the first things that will catch the attention of users visiting your Facebook page. The button allows guests to make their way over to your website if they are interested in booking a room.

Here’s how to set it up:

1. Log onto your Facebook page’s admin panel and click “+ Add a Button”

Look to the bottom right of the cover photo on your profile page. You will see a button that says “+ Add a Button”.

Create a ‘Book Now’ Call to Action Button on Facebook 2. Choose your call to action, and enter the URL for your website

Once you click “+ Add a Button”, a pop-up will appear.

First, choose a button. Since hotels are all about driving more direct bookings, select the “Book Now” button, but there are a handful of options from which to choose.

Next, add your website’s URL. A good practice is to take them directly to your reservations page where they can make their reservation directly, it is very important not to distract your users (for example

Create a ‘Book Now’ Call to Action Button on Facebook 3. Choose a Destination for Mobile Users

Click on the toggle below “Set up a link to an app”. On the next screen, you are able to choose where mobile users will be directed to your website or to an app.

If you would like them to be directed to your mobile app, select ‘App’ from the drop-down. Under ‘Deep Link’ section, add the iOS/Android deep link URL for your app. You'll also have the option to add a Package name and a Website or Play Store link.

If you haven’t created a unique app for your hotels, leave both the iOS and Android options on “Website”. Create a ‘Book Now’ Call to Action Button on Facebook 4. Save changes and track your conversions

Click “Create” button.

Once the button is created, a “Book Now” button will now appear in place of the “+ Add a Button“ button.

Create a ‘Book Now’ Call to Action Button on Facebook

Once it’s set up, you can see and track how many people have clicked on your Call to action button; it is reported in your admin panel.

The new button is useful for hoteliers because it will give information about how many users from Facebook are interested in booking with the hotel, and will assist in encouraging guests to book directly with the hotel. The easier for your guest to the book, the more booking you get.

You can also choose a different type of Call to action buttons. Here are some ideas for Call to action that could help drive traffic to your website:

  • Contact Us: for brick-and-mortar businesses to grab local customers
  • Sign Up: to grow your essential email list.
  • Watch Video: could be the gold-standard choice to tell your story.

You'll also need an awesome Facebook cover photo if you expect your Call to action button to be successful.

NOTE Facebook is still rolling this feature out, so it is possible that some pages will not have the create Call to action option available yet.

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