How Solidres sends outgoing emails?

Solidres totally uses Joomla and WordPress API to send emails, that means if your Solidres has problems sending emails, make sure that you check and confirm that your Joomla and WordPress are configured to send emails properly. To confirm, try to register a new user account at your site and use one of your emails for that user, then check to see if you receive emails from your Joomla or WordPress. Joomla users can also use the button "Send test email" in Joomla Global Configuration to do a quick check.

The default mechanism to send emails in both Joomla and WordPress is through PHP Mail, although it is available on most servers, it is not a reliable option to send emails. First, you should try with PHP Mail to see if it work if it doesn't then you should try to configure SMTP to send an email. Joomla supports SMTP by default (configure in Joomla Global Configuration) while WordPress needs a 3rd plugins for this task, there are many SMTP plugins for WordPress, you can search in WordPress Plugins Directory.

By default, Solidres sends outgoing emails in the following scenarios:

1. After guest complete reservation: Solidres will send 01 email to guest, 01 email to asset's email address, 01 email for asset's partner (requires Hub plugin), then optionally send email to additional configured emails in your asset - tab Publishing - Additional notification emails, in this field you can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas.

2. After reservation canceled by owner: Solidres will send notification emails just like #1.

3. After reservation's status is changed to "Checked-out" and Feedback plugin is installed, Solidres will send an email to your guest to ask for their feedback about their stay.

4. In the backend, when amending existing reservation, the owner has an option to re-send the email to guest if they want.

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