Tariff for multiple user groups

4 months 2 weeks ago #19598 by stefaniffland
Tariff for multiple user groups was created by stefaniffland
For the purpose of security and usability, new customers are added to a different group (not Public). When you create a complex tariff, you have to select for which user group this tariff applies to. To make a tariff available for guests browsing the website, you have to create the tariff for the user group Public. Now, when a guest that has registered already, is logging in, there's no tariff unless you duplicate the Public group's tariff for the other user group and a registered guest would thus not find a room. Therefore I suggest to make it possible to use a tariff for multiple user groups.
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4 months 2 weeks ago #19603 by joomleb
Replied by joomleb on topic Tariff for multiple user groups
+1 I'm totally agree.
This is an old question about it: "Multiple User Groups for Tariffs" - www.solidres.com/forum/tariffs/4605-mult...ups-for-tariffs#7204

We are used too to use Joomla User Groups in our sites to manage our customers.
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