Module Filter not showing & Sorting Bar doesn't work

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I'm using :

- Joomla! 3.10.3 Stable;
- PHP Version 7.4.0;
- Shaper Helix 3 Template with System - Helix3 Framework;
- Solidres Version 2.12.4-Stable;
- Template override checklist - You have no template override for Solidres.

1) The first issue is with the Module Filter. After I set it up it appeared only once. After that, it disappeared and I can't turn it on never ever again. While it was ON, I tried and it didn't work at all. Listed properties started refreshing loop and that was it. I've tried with all UI Framework options in Solidres, changing module styles, nothing helped. ( )

2) The second issue I have with the "Sorting Bar". At first, it didn't appear at all. When I changed Solidre's UI Framework to Bootstrap 3, its appearance is OK, but it doesn't work also. Listed properties start refreshing loop.

2.1) Just like the "Sorting Bar", after a client is logged in to its dashboard, the Sorting Bar has a strange appearance and no matter what UI Framework I choose, it stays the same. ( )

Here are Helix 3 Features :

- Modern Design (web trends included)
- Responsive Layout
- Font Awesome 4.7 ( over 675 icons) also for menu items
- MegaMenu Generator
- Off-Canvas Menu (separate mobile menu)
- Article Post Formats
- Page Title Options
- Bootstrap 3.3.7
- Optional Fixed (sticky) Header
- Desktop, Mobile and Retina logo option
- Advanced Typography Options - Google Fonts with update button
- Layout Manager for module positions
- Custom 404 Page and Offline Page
- Custom CSS/JS Code fields
- Social Comments
- Cross-Browser Support
- Joomla 3.9 QuickStart
- Support for PHP 5.6, 7.0.x, 7.1 and 7.2

I've also tried to change the PHP from version 7.4 to version 7.2, but it's the same result. No changes.

Please for some advice. Thank you.
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2 years 5 months ago #18816 by solidres

About the Filter module, your username is not found in our Hub subscribers list, you need to raise a new private support ticket with the username that purchased the HUB subscription level.

You should use correct Bootstrap version for your Joomla version to get the best functionality and appearance, more information can be found here:

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2 years 5 months ago #18818 by joomleb
Not only Solidres should be up to date, bit also look to have last last Helix 3 release
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So I went with complete new installation and throwing month and a half work when everything was set till the smallest detail.

I've installed Helix Ultimate and I've started with QuickStart installation just to test things out.

It seems that there's no more problem with the Module Filter, it works perfectly.

BUT... there are two other problems...

The calendars don't work at all!!! Neither on the property Check-In and Check-Out date picker, nor on modules, such as Module check availability. I've tried EVERYTHING! It's just doesn't work!

Also, Sorting Bar doesn't appear at all, no matter which UI Framework or Style I choose. There's no Java or CSS compression enabled...

It's really frustrating :(
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Sorry, I forgot to mention also in the threat above.

YES, this happened actually with the newest Helix 3 version.
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2 years 5 months ago #18821 by solidres

You can just switch to the default Joomla template to test, if it works, then the issue is from our own Joomla template.

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