How to configure front-end customer dashboard

Since User plugin version 0.1.0, a new feature "Front end customer dashboard" is added. This feature creates a separated page on the front end for your guests to manage their reservations.

To configure this feature, you need to go through these steps:

  • 1. Make sure that plugin User v0.1.0+ is installed and enabled.

  • 2. Create Customer Dashboard page:

    • Find the Pages menu in the WordPress Dashboard Navigation menu. Click Add new.
    • Add the title of the page, the title of the page will also be the name of the menu display at the front end.
    • You need to add more the following code in the content area: [solidres_customer_dashboard].
    • Click Publish

    Front end customer dashboard
    • Then, go to Systems menu → Settings → Pages tab, select “Customer Dashboard” page for the field “Customer Dashboard”.

    Front end customer dashboard
  • 3. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → Menus, create a new menu with page "Customer Dashboard" ( insert “Customer dashboard” page into your WordPress menu). Your guest will access their customer dashboard via this menu.

    Front end customer dashboard
  • 4. It's all set. Now if your guests register an account at your site during reservation, they will be able to manage their reservation, their profile and cancel a reservation from their own dashboard.

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