How to build multilingual sites

Since Solidres for WordPress version 0.4.0, multilingual is added. This feature makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them. Solidres is now integrated with Loco Translate, Qtranslate-X (translation plugin).

There are 02 plugins that need to be installed: Loco Translate and qTranslate X.

NOTE This feature requires Solidres v0.4.0. And you need to turn on support multilingual option in Solidres by going to the Systems menu → Settings → Plugins tab, select yes for “Enable multilingual mode” field.

How to build multilingual sites

1. Download & install plugins

You can download here:

Installing plugins:

  • Navigate to Admin → Plugins → Add New
  • Select Upload Plugin
  • Click Choose File and select the ZIP file
  • Click Install Now
  • In the confirmation screen, select Activate Plugin to activate it

2. How to use

2.1. Translate static content with Loco Translate

From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Loco Translate → Manage translations. In the list of themes & plugins, we find the Solidres plugin.

Click the “+ New language” button

How to build multilingual sites

Then on the next screen, a Country dropdown list will appear, select the language you want the texts to be translated. For example “Italian” and click “Start Translating” button.

How to build multilingual sites

Now you will see a list of words. You can either scroll to find your word to translate or use the “Filter translation” search option and type in the word you are looking for.

How to build multilingual sites

For example, We want to translate the text of Solidres - Widget check availability into the Italian language, we will have to find and select the text string from “Source Text” list, then add our translated text inside the “Italian translation” box.

How to build multilingual sites

Then click the Save button from the top and all your translated text should appear on your website when you select the Italian language in the front end.

You can translate any text that’s used in Solidres following the above steps.

2.2. Translate dynamic content with qTranslate-X

Now the first process after installing plugin will be to select your languages in which you want to show your website. For this go to Settings → Languages. Multiple languages are available, you need to just enable languages.

In the final tab is called “Languages” and here you can see and manage all the needed languages for the proper usage of qTranslate X. You may enable or disable languages as well as add new ones and assign a proper flag to them. In this case, we enable “Italiano” inside the List of Configured Languages.

How to build multilingual sites

As soon as you select language, it will show under General setting heading. From here you can select the default language what do you want under “Default Language / Order”. You can also change the order of language by using up and down arrow given besides language.

How to build multilingual sites

Next thing you need is how to add content in different languages.

In back-end now, you will see two tabs one for “English” and another for “Italiano”. Choose your desired language via one of the tabs on top (choose Italiano tab), add the translated text of that language and save. Please follow the following screen:

  • Translate Assets name in Solidres How to build multilingual sites
  • Translate Solidres Widget title How to build multilingual sites
  • Translate menu How to build multilingual sites

You can translate other content similar to the above.

3. Add a widget to front end

Go to Appearance → Widgets, from here you can drag and drop it (qTranslate Language Chooser) to any of your desired positions and click Save button.

How to build multilingual sites

Now you need to just click on language name. This will change the language of the site in the selected language. And this is the result of the front-end of two options: English and Italian.

How to build multilingual sites How to build multilingual sites

All the things you need to make your work easier. Did you like Solidres?