Solidres installation for WordPress

There are 3 different ways to install Solidres plugin:

  1. Search and install
  2. Upload and install
  3. FTP

In FTP method, you upload Solidres plugin using a FTP software such as FileZilla or Cyberduck and activate and configure it. Whereas, in dashboard method, you search/upload, install and activate the plugin.

Install a Plugin using WordPress Admin Panel Search Option

The easiest way to install Solidres is via your site’s Dashboard. Please follow these instructions to install:

Step1: The first thing you have to do, is log in to your WordPress website. When you're logged in, you will be on your 'Dashboard'. On the left-hand side, you will see a menu.

Step2: In that menu, click on 'Plugins'.

Step3: Now click 'Add New' and type 'Solidres' in the search bar, as shown below, and enter. Installation

Step4: This will give you a page of search results. Our plugin should be visible now. Click the 'Install Now' link to start installing our plugin, as shown below:


Step5: After that, you will be shown the following screen. All you have to do now is click the 'Activate Plugin' link, and you're done!


You’ve installed Solidres for your site. You can be found on the menu on the left-hand side.


Install a Plugin using Upload Method in WordPress Admin Panel

You can download the zip file mentioned in Solidres download page and upload it to your WordPress installation. To do this, go to Plugins → Add New and click the Upload Plugin:


On this page, click "Choose file", select the zip file and upload it by clicking the "Install Now" button:


You will be taken to the activate a plugin page just like this one:


Make sure that you click on Activate the plugin, now you have installed the Solidres.

Install a Plugin using FTP Manager

There are a few cases when manually installing a WordPress Plugin is more appropriate.

However, you should backup your site completely before proceeding.

To install Solidres Plugin manually:

  • Download your WordPress Plugin to your desktop.
  • If downloaded as a zip archive, extract the Plugin folder to your desktop.
  • You would need to access your host through the FTP manager. Access the path: .../wp-content/plugins/ And upload files there. You must make sure that you upload the unzipped folder.

Once you have uploaded, then you would need to click on the Plugins tag in your WordPress admin panel. You will see Solidres plugin you just uploaded. Click on the Activate and you are done.


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