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Solidres 0.4.1 released

Solidres 0.4.1 (Beta) has been released, this is not a stable version therefore it should not be used in production environment.

New features in 0.4.1 ares:

  • Multilingual support: Solidres is now integrated with Falang ( a JoomFish’s fork).
  • Availability calendar: you can view availability calendar for each room type, if a room is busy it will be indicated with red color in the calendar.
  • Ability to change the reservation status.
  • Media Manager improvements: drag & drop re-ordering, add Select/Deselect all button, add pagination.
  • Move the Simple Gallery into a separated plugin: this opens the possibility for developers to write their own gallery instead of hacking the core of Solidres.
  • Remove <table> completely for the front end of Solidres to improve the responsive of the layout.
  • Indicate Featured room type in the front end.
  • Ability to send email to the hotel owner when new reservation is made.
  • JS/CSS compression: core CSS and JS files of Solidres are now shipped with 2 version: compressed and un-compressed to improve your site loading speed.

Bugs fixed and improvements

  • Incorrect availability checking in case of booking same day.
  • Date picket displayed underneath field State when edit a Coupon.
  • Make Currency and Email a required field for Reservation Asset.
  • Customer groups: in 0.4 a new customer group (“General”) is added, it will be used for public customers, non-loggedin customer.
  • Trashed room type still displayed in the frontend.
  • Broken geocoding feature.
  • Url is not escaped correctly in the reservation form.
  • Better error handling and file name validation for media uploading.
  • Show full image of room type thumbnail in front end.
  • And many minor UI fixes.

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Upgrade notes

  • To upgrade from 0.3.0, just download 0.4.1 and install it via Joomla Extension Installer, it will automatically overwrite previous version.
  • You will need to re-enter all tariffs because of the changes in how Solidres handle customer groups.

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