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Luxuria theme for WordPress is released

Luxuria, originally a Joomla templates has been ported to WordPress theme, all WordPress users can access and download it by subscribing to the WordPress BUNDLE subscription level. In addition to Luxuria theme, we’ve also released 05 new plugins to support this theme, include:

  • Camera plugin: it is used to show the asset’s images in front end via a widget.
  • Coupons plugin: it is used to show the coupons that you created in front end via a widget.
  • Extras plugin: it is used to show the extras items in front end via a widget.
  • Map plugin: it is used to show your asset in a map for easier navigation. Luxuria theme display this map widget in a slider as you can see in our live demo by clicking in the map icon right next to the logo in the header
  • Room Types plugin: it is used to show the room types in front end, room types are what your guests care about most therefore they need to be displayed beautifully. Room Types plugin offers you 2 types of display: Carousel and Circle Slider, you can choose which one you like the most to attract your potential guests.

The theme packages includes:

  • The theme zip file: this file can be used to install into your existing WordPress installation. Then you can consult the theme documentation to set it up from scratch.
  • The quick start package: this file contains a WordPress installation, all Solidres plugins and Luxuria theme. You can install it like installing a WordPress. After installed you will get a site that looks exactly the same with our live demo.
  • The documentation: this HTML documentation contains everything that you need to know in order to configure the theme.
  • The Photoshop design of Luxuria

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