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Solidres 0.8.0 development updates

Solidres 0.8.0 is under heavy development, we’ve added many improvements, bug fixes and new features into it, today we’d like to show 2 screenshots of 2 new features among of them.

The first one is a new feature which allow you to specify your rooms number and room occupancy right from the beginning of your search.

Specify number of rooms and room occupancy

The second one is a new feature for Complex Tariff plugin: a filter which filter your tariffs on the fly without any page refreshing, the filtering speed is almost instant!

Complex Tariff filter bar

Solidres 0.8.0 has even more features than that, please stay tuned!


Solidres 0.7.0 Beta 3 released.

Solidres 0.7.0 Beta 3 has been released for all subscribers. Please use it for testing purpose only and don’t install it in your live site.

This release focuses on fixing bugs since Beta 2, adding some small new features as requested by our subscribers during beta testing and improving the stability of 0.7.0. This release is also our last beta release for 0.7.0. Our goal is to release a stable version as soon as possible within this June.

Solidres 0.7.0 EAP is available for subscribers

Solidres 0.7.0 EAP is now available for all subscribers, for more information please read our previous blog post.

If you are a Solidres’s subscriber, there will be a new topic in your dedicated forum where you can download Solidres 0.7.0 EAP and Complex Tariff plugin (v0.3.0). If you’ve not subscribed, let’s get one of our subscription levels and start testing now.


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