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Solidres 0.6.0 and Hub plugin EAP

Solidres 0.6.0 and Hub plugin EAP
We are glad to announce the Early Access Program (EAP) for Solidres Core 0.6.0 and the initial release of Hub plugin. We’ve worked very hard recent months to improve the overall code base to make it run faster, lighter and more solid, in addition one of the most requested feature is the ability to serve as a booking portal (multi assets) has been implemented and named Hub. If you are a current subscriber, you can download and try the new Solidres Core with Hub plugin from your dedicated forum section, if you are not a subscriber, sign up now and help us to build your desired system. We’d love to receive your feedback in order to improve and finalize it.

Change log of Solidres Core 0.6.0

Bug fixes

  • Tariff break down only shows 7 days.
  • February missed in Availability Calendar.
  • Delete all related invoice before deleting a reservation.
  • Smoking option shows incorrectly.
  • Bug prevents extra and room type to be deleted cleanly.

New features

  • Support multi assets via new Hub plugin.
  • Add new Joomla menu type to show a specific reservation asset.
  • Add Ajax loading indicator for Media Manager.
  • Support HTML for custom fields.
  • Add System page in back end for quickly observe Solidres information and Solidres’s plugins/modules status.
  • Add ability to reordering by drag and drop in back end.

Other changes and improvements

  • Speed improvements: duplicate queries and memory usage are reduced significantly especially for large site with lot of assets.
  • Remove live update feature, we remove the 3rd live update feature in favor of the Joomla built-in update feature.
  • Upgrade Plupload to 2.0.0.

Quick overview of Hub’s features

Ajax-based advanced filter module and pagination

  • Bookmarkable filtered results: for example you can filter for all 3-stars hotels in Rome which have the price between $50 – $200 and have facilities like Wifi and Parking etc, then you can bookmark it for later reference or share it with your friend easily.
  • Filtered results do not lost after page refreshed.
  • Filter by price range (can be configured per currency, each currency has different range), can filter by one or multiple price ranges.
  • Filter by categories.
  • Filter by stars.
  • Filter by themes (eg: Business, Romance / Honeymoon, Family).
  • Filter by facilities (eg: Wifi, Parking, Pet friendly ).
  • Self-update filter module: the filter module will automatically updated itself to reflect the current showed results. For example if you filtered for 3 stars hotels, all other filters like categories, themes, facilities, prices will automatically adjusted accordingly.

Ajax-based sorting bar

  • Allow sorting by stars, names.
  • Show results in grid view or list view.
  • Like the filtering feature, all sorted results can be bookmarked or shared easily.
  • Sorted results do not lost after page refreshed.

Front end management

  • Registered users have dedicated front end dashboard: manage reservation assets, room types, coupons, extras, limit bookings, reservations.
  • Each registered users is only able to mange their own reservation assets.

Quick notes

  • Solidres Core 0.6.0 will be released for public download after we finish our EAP and at this moment there is no specific ending date for this EAP yet.
  • Solidres 0.6.0 and the new Hub plugin should not be used in live website. Please make a backup of your website first before install development version 0.6.0.
  • All current subscribers can download new Solidres 0.6.0 and the Hub plugin from the dedicated forum for subscriber.

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