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Solidres 0.6.0 and Hub plugin EAP 06012014

We are welcoming a great 2014 by releasing a next round of updates for both Solidres Core 0.6.0 and the Hub plugin. Change log from the previous EAP can be found right below:

  • Add an option to show room’s price with/without tax.
  • Improve user experience in mobile/small screen devices
  • Add an option to specify number of months to be shown in date picker
  • Clean up unused Solidres options (most of them are for the media manager which is now use options from component Media of Joomla)
  • Fix a rare routing issues in some server’s configuration.
  • Fix issue with incorrect customer group handling.
  • Add ability to create a new menu item to show all reservation assets from a specific location or category (or from multiple categories).
  • Add a confirmation dialog for Install Sample Data screen.
  • And other minors improvements for UI and languages.

Quick notes

  • Solidres Core 0.6.0 will be released for public download after we finish our EAP and at this moment there is no specific ending date for this EAP yet.
  • Solidres 0.6.0 and the new Hub plugin should not be used in live website. Please make a backup of your website first before install development version 0.6.0.
  • All current subscribers can download new Solidres 0.6.0 and the Hub plugin from the dedicated forum for subscriber.

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