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Solidres 0.6.0 released

After 4 months of hard working, we are glad to announce that Solidres 0.6.0 is now available for download, this is a latest stable version of Solidres which contains many news features, bug fixes and improvements. A large section of Solidres code base has been re-factored to make it cleaner, simpler and faster. A full change log of Solidres 0.6.0 can be found below:

New features

  • Add infrastructure to support multiple assets via Hub plugin.
  • New menu type to select specific reservation asset.
  • Add loading indicator for Media Manager.
  • Allow HTML in custom fields.
  • Add new system page in back end for quickly observe Solidres information and Solidres’s plugins/modules status.
  • Add ability to re-ordering in the backend by drag and drop.
  • Add new option to show room’s price with/without tax.
  • Add new option to specify number of months to be shown in date picker (this is good for mobile to only show about 1 or 2 months in date picker)
  • Add confirmation dialog for Install Sample Data screen.
  • Add module class suffix for modules.
  • Add option to configure the start day of week.
  • Support deposit.
  • Add tax option for Extras.
  • Add option to show/hide child and smoking option.
  • Add tax option for asset.
  • Support deposit.
  • Replace current update feature with Joomla core update feature.


  • Speed improvements: duplicate queries and memory usage are reduced significantly especially for large site with lot of assets.
  • Clean up unused Solidres’s configuration options. Use Joomla com_media’s parameters for Solidres’s Media Manager.
  • Replace change booking modal form with inline form for better mobile/small screen user experience.
  • Clean up unused Solidres’s configuration options. Use Joomla com_media’s parameters for Solidres’s Media Manager.
  • Clean up unused Solidres’s configuration options. Use Joomla com_media’s parameters for Solidres’s Media Manager.
  • Several 3rd libraries updates.

Bug fixes

  • Tariff break down only shows 7 days.
  • February missed in Availability Calendar.
  • Delete all related invoices before deleting a reservation.
  • Smoking options show incorrectly.
  • Extras and rooms are not deleted cleanly.
  • Fix rare routing issue in some server’s configuration.
  • Fix issue with incorrect customer group handling.
  • Extras (per booking) should not be shown in room type edit screen.
  • Geocoding only run one time only.
  • Reservation can still proceed with incorrect children ages.
  • Various small fixes regarding translation issues.
  • We are going to release Hub plugin (and it’s associated modules) within the next days. Hub plugin will require a new subscription level therefore this is your very good chance to subscribe and get the Hub plugin before a new subscription level is published.
  • PostgreSQL support is dropped from 0.6.0. If you need PostgreSQL support (or other DBMS), you can request a custom development service.

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Update notes

  • Backup your website (files + database).
  • Make sure you are using Solidres 0.5.4. If not, you need to update your Solidres to 0.5.4 first.
  • Download 0.6.0 and install using Joomla Extension Installer, it will automatically update your 0.5.4.
  • If you are subscribers, make sure all plugins/modules are compatible with 0.6.0 by installing latest versions of them.
  • If you have old menu of the old type (showing default asset), you will need to edit that menu item and select the new menu type, then select specific asset for that menu item.
  • If you use Complex Tariff plugin, there will be a new notice message in tab Complex Tariff, when you have Complex Tariff plugin installed and enabled, Solidres will only use it to search for room’s rates, therefore please make sure that you have enough tariffs to cover all possible dates.

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