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Hub 0.1.0 released

Hub plugin

One of the most requested Solidres’s feature is the ability to serve multiple reservation assets or in short: a booking portal, today we are glad to announce the availability of Hub 0.1.0. You can see it in this live demo or download now (for subscribers).

Overview characteristics

  • Fast: since Hub is used for multiple reservation assets, it need to be extremely fast, this is the reason why we’ve done a large code re-factoring to keep the whole system cleaner, faster and more maintainable. In addition, in the search result page we use AJAX in filtering, sorting and pagination which doesn’t require a full page reload like other products.
  • User friendly: we’ve put a lot of efforts to make sure it looks and works nicely in desktop/mobile/small screen. The layout is organized cleanly with a right amount of elements in right positions and showed at right times, we try out best to avoid overloading user with a lot of information. Making booking process a comfortable experience is always our ultimate goal.
  • Modularity: we separate features into individual units and you only have to install what you want. At this point, Hub plugin comes with 3 modules (more to come).


  • Manage facilities.
  • Mange themes.
  • Manage filter price range for each currency.
  • New menu type to show the frontend dashboard.
  • New menu type to show the frontend search page. This menu type has 2 parameters: Location and Category Ids which allows creating a menu to show specific location and specific categories (one or more categories).

Frontend: 3 new modules

  • Advanced search: it is similar to the current Check Availability module but has an extra field to check availability by location.
  • Filter: a smart filtering module with self-update capability. Allows filtering by price range, category, stars, theme, facility.
  • Location map: it automatically display the mini map of current location, clicking on the mini map will show a nearly full screen map with all assets/hotels in that location, we load the larger map on demand for better overall performance.

Frontend: Ajax-based advanced filter module and pagination

  • Bookmarkable filtered results: for example you can filter for all 3-stars hotels in Rome which have the prices between $50 – $200 and have facilities like Wifi and Parking etc, then you can bookmark it for later reference or share it with your friend easily.
  • Filtered results do not lost after page refreshed.
  • Filter by price range (can be configured per currency, each currency has different range), can filter by one or multiple price ranges.
  • Filter by categories.
  • Filter by stars.
  • Filter by themes (eg: Business, Romance / Honeymoon, Family).
  • Filter by facilities (eg: Wifi, Parking, Pet friendly ).
  • Self-update filter module: the filter module will automatically updated itself to reflect the current showed results. For example if you filtered for 3 stars hotels, all other filters like categories, themes, facilities, prices will automatically adjusted accordingly for 3 stars hotels only.

Frontend: Ajax-based sorting bar

  • Allow sorting by stars, names.
  • Show results in grid view or list view.
  • Like the filtering feature, all sorted results can be bookmarked or shared easily.
  • Sorted results do not lost after page refreshed.

Frontend: Management

  • Registered users have dedicated front end dashboard: manage reservation assets, room types, coupons, extras, limit bookings, reservations. (very similar to same tasks in backend).
  • Each registered users is only able to mange their own reservation assets.
  • As mentioned in our previous blog post, all current active subscribers at this point will be able to download Hub without having to subscribe new subscription level.
  • Our template 7Start and BlueBee are not yet fully updated to run Hub, more information about templates updates will be announced later.

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