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Revive – Brand new Joomla template powered by Helix Framework

As announced earlier, we are happy to welcome REVIVE, our brand new Joomla template powered by the Helix Ultimate framework. Live demo can be found here.

We’ve been building our Joomla templates based on Warp framework. However, Warp is no longer updated and it lacks many features that our users constantly request, we decided to switch to Helix Ultimate framework for our new templates, and REVIVE is the first one that applies it. We think our users will get familiar with the new template faster because many of them already have experience with Helix Ultimate framework.

REVIVE is now available as separate purchase here, and we’d like to offer a 35% discount for all existing Joomla SINGLE/BUNDLE/HUB/DEVELOPER subscribers. Before purchasing REVIVE, please note the following limitations in v1.0.0 (initial release) at this moment:

  • It is optimized for Experience (Tours & Activities), support for Property will be added in upcoming releases
  • Documentation is not yet finished, we are working on it.

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