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Solidres app is now free for all users

At this time last year, the Solidres app was officially featured in the Android Play Store, and now we are very happy to announce that it is officially available in the iOS App Store. But it is not just the only great news: the Solidres app is now free for all Solidres users (both Android and iOS platforms).

That means to use the Solidres app, you only need to make sure that your Solidres for Joomla is upgraded to v2.11.1+, and follow some little extra steps in our tutorial to make sure that you are all rightly set before using the app.

We, as a software developer for the hospitality/F&B/tourism industry, are suffering a lot this year, just like you. The COVID-19 pandemic forces us to change a lot, but it could not stop us. We are looking for a better 2021 year ahead, for everyone.

Stay safe and healthy!

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