How to configure mobile app


Solidres mobile app is a FREE mobile application for Property owners and staffs to manage their business, it is not yet available for Experience (Tours & Activities). Please note that Solidres app is not for end users (guests) who make the reservations online.


  • Real time new reservation notifications
  • Log in by QR code
  • Quickly open a reservation by scanning QR code
  • Dashboard to see business statistics


  • Joomla 3.9.23+ (FREE)
  • Solidres 2.11.1+ (FREE)

Usage instructions

First, make sure that your Joomla satisfy the requirements above. Your Joomla website must also publicly accessible and it is not in Offline mode.

Edit your property > Plugins > Mobile app > Property ID: enter your property ID into this field and save your property.

Edit your property > General > Partner: choose a user account that you will use to log in from your Solidres mobile app.

Make sure that API and App plugin are both enabled, you can check them in your Solidres System Info page.

Download and install Solidres mobile app into your phone.

Open Solidres mobile app, then enter the following fields to log in.

  • Website URL: enter your Joomla website address into this field
  • Property ID: enter the property ID that you configured in previous step.
  • Username + Password: the user account that you assigned to your property in the previous step.
Enjoy the Solidres mobile app.

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