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( Latest versions: 2.8.2 Stable, compatible with Joomla 3.9.0+   &   0.9.3 Stable, compatible with WordPress 4+ )

New feature highlight: Revamped date picker

Date picker is one of the most important elements in Solidres. It is being used everywhere from front-end to back-end by end-users and administrators. In the upcoming Solidres for Joomla v2.6.0, we include a revamped date picker with a refreshed look and an ability to show unavailable dates right in the date picker (applied for tariff’s date picker). Combined with Flex Search plugin, Solidres now makes booking process a lot easier and more convenient for guests. Happy guests will lead to more booking for your business!

Infinity theme is now available for WordPress

Infinity theme for WordPress

We’d like to welcome Infinity theme (live demo) to join our WordPress theme family with Adora, L’Amour, Luxuria, Orient and Emerald. This theme has 5 different color schemes and is fully optimized for Solidres plugin.

A full Infinity download includes:

  • Theme package for installing into existing WordPress site
  • Theme quickstart package which is a full WordPress installation and Solidres installation, everything is pre-configured. The quickstart is installed like a normal new WordPress installation, after installed you will get an exact site like our demo
  • Documentation: full documentation for theme configuration and usage instructions
  • PSD design source file with full layers

All active WP BUNDLE subscribers can download the new theme from our Download page. Or subscribe a WP BUNDLE subscription now to get started.

Solidres for Joomla 2.5.0 released

Solidres for Joomla version 2.5.0 is now available for download. This release introduces many new features, enhancements, bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Solidres for Joomla 2.5.0

  • Add tax exemption feature: this feature allows booking engine to exempt tax if guest stay more than a configured number of days in Solidres Options, for example you can configure Solidres to exempt tax if guest stays more than 30 days at your accommodation.
  • Add new translation: German (de-DE), Japanese (ja-JP), Chinese (zh-CH)
  • Add total due field
  • Booking requires approval: automatically send notification email right after approved, now there is no need to click on button Send email manually
  • System info: add ability to detect template override for back end templates
  • Add new option to choose Auto Scroll target: scroll to room type or scroll to specific tariff when checking for availability
  • Auto send a text email when a reservation’s status is changed (can be turned off in Solidres Options)
  • Automatically toggle side navigation bar in small screen like mobile
  • Back end reservation creation: pre-select asset if there is only 1. Also do not force mandatory extras items (Per booking) for admin
  • Fix an AJAX caching issue with IE 11
  • Fix payment method base rate adjustment is applied when Process online payment is Off
  • Use relative URL for Google Maps to avoid HTTPS warning when HTTPS is not enabled in Joomla
  • Fix map display issue caused by conflict with Gantry framework
  • Fix Is Exclusive option: only one room type can be booked in a reservation’s
  • Fix single supplement and tourist tax miscalculation when combining adult and child fields and when option Skip Room Form is activated
  • Fix adjoining tariffs must check for tariff interval
  • Fix overriding layout issue in back end
  • Fix button Cancel in extra item edit screen
  • Fix CSS conflict that reset template font to use browser’s default font
  • Fix room type remaining rooms message in front end that did not take option Is Private into consideration
  • Fix email sending in some SMTP server by using name and email configured in Joomla Global Configuration instead of using asset’s email.
  • Fix back end list view user state is cleared when using pagination
  • Fix CSS floating issue with Book now button in layout style 3
  • Fix conflict with PHP 5.4 in reservation final.php layout
  • Show menu “Subscriptions & Commission” according to enabled options in Solidres Config to avoid user confusion, only show what is enabled.
  • Remove remaining unnecessary calls to Mootools

Hub 1.5.0

  • Add new option to allow/deny front end payment method editing for partner. If denied, then asset payment methods are controlled in back end by admin only.
  • Filter by distance from city centre
  • Subscription: allow subscribe FREE subscription
  • Apply ACL to front end Hub dashboard menu items, allow show/hide menu items according to configured permissions
  • Add new parameter to specify log out redirection URL for partner
  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Add new menu parameter to specify the default ordering in Hub search view
  • Embed form: add language parameter and form submission target
  • Use relative URL for Google Maps to avoid HTTPS warning when HTTPS is not forced in Joomla Global Config
  • Fix CSS conflict between Bootstrap and UIKit which could affect Filter module
  • Remove FacebookLocales.xml which is no longer available
  • Remove wish list icon in search list view, only show it in asset single view

Location Map module 0.5.0

  • Add Russian (ru-RU) translation
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

Filter module 0.7.0

  • Add filter by distance from city centre
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

Assets module 0.8.1

  • Add German (de-DE) translation

Advanced Search module 1.1.1

  • Add German (de-DE) translation

Invoice 0.8.0

  • New 03 layouts for invoices (can be configured in Solidres Options)
  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Add new column Grand Total in list view
  • Add payment status in invoice list view
  • Add total due field in PDF voucher file
  • Show invoice preview in full screen

Custom Field 0.8.0

  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Now Custom Field plugin use the same guestform.php layout file with the core version to make maintenance and template overriding easier.
  • Add support for field’s placeholder attribute
  • Add new ability to translate custom field value (for example a SELECT’s option field value)
  • Fix regression in geo state loading for asset
  • Fix incorrect update routine for Falang content element file

Map module 0.5.0

  • Use relative URL for Google Maps to avoid HTTPS warning when HTTPS is not forced in Joomla Global Configuration
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

Flex Search 0.5.0

  • Searching for availability must take tariff interval into consideration
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

ACL 0.3.0

  • Fix permission saving issu
  • eAdd new permission option for limit booking
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

Feedback 0.9.0

  • Allow adding new feedback without having to tight it to existing reservations
  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Send notification email to owner when guest submit a feedback
  • Fix incorrect plural form in review widget

Feedback module 0.5.1

  • Add German (de-DE) translation

User 1.9.0

  • Integrate Solidres customer custom field into standard Joomla registration form to allow customer registration through Joomla registration work flow
  • Remove unnecessary calls to Mootools

Limit Booking 0.9.0

  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Fix user state is lost when using navigation
  • Remove remaining unnecessary calls to MooTools

Discount 0.5.0

  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Remove remaining unnecessary calls to MooTools
  • Fix search by discount title
  • Fix user state is lost when using navigation

Statistics 1.2.0

  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Dashboard now display dates from today to the next 30 days
  • Quick booking form’s fields is now customizable by Custom Field plugin

Experience 0.9.0

  • Add Extras item support for experiences
  • Add new feature to disable online booking
  • Add new feature to show booking inquiry form instead of instant booking
  • Add new feature to show available dates via date picker or via inline modal window
  • Add company logo parameter
  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Add ability to configure booking terms & conditions
  • Add auto scroll feature when making a reservation for better user experiences
  • Separate options for filter by duration (hour) and duration (day)
  • Gallery: use file name as ALT attribute
  • Gallery: auto regenerate thumbnails during saving an experiences
  • Fix responsive issue for Guest info collecting form
  • Consolidate the ordering of Yes/No option in UI
  • Fix reliability issue with sending email after reservation is completed
  • Use relative URL for Google Maps to avoid HTTPS warning when HTTPS is not forced in Joomla Global Configuration
  • Replace the hard coded Dollar icon with correct currency code in reservation edit screen
  • Fix JSON.encode is not a function issue
  • Remove constraint that requires updating payment status before updating reservation statuses
  • Fix hard code grid layout in filter
  • Fix experience.min.css is ignored
  • Disable Google Maps autosuggestion feature for field Base and End location
  • Improve translation and UI

Experience Invoice 0.3.0

  • Add new 03 layouts for invoice
  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Add more information in invoice layout, including: full company address, full customer address, company logo
  • Fix incorrect invoice number in HTML and in PDF invoices

Experience Filter module 0.2.0

  • Add new filter for feedback score
  • Add new filter for associated assets’s distance from city centre
  • Add German (de-DE) translation
  • Fix incorrect operator in Filter module
  • Fix price ranges should not use exchange rate, each currency has its own range

Experience List module 0.5.0

  • Consolidate the display and format of reviews from Feedback plugin
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

Experience Search module 0.5.0

  • Add German (de-DE) translation

Mercado Pago

  • Refactor the code base
  • Apply new cancel URL
  • Fix cancel reservation from Mercado Pago should show appropriate message

Camera Slideshow module 0.5.0

  • Apply caching for images in slideshow
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

Camera Slideshow plugin 0.7.0

  • Apply caching for images in slideshow
  • Add German (de-DE) translation

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Update notes

New feature highlight: Invoice layouts

New invoice layouts

Solidres has been used only 01 default invoice layout since the beginning, it is becoming more and more boring for all of us. Now it is time to change, we’d like to introduce 03 brand new invoice layouts, the new invoice layouts are applied for both accommodation booking (Joomla & WordPress) as well as experience (tour & activity) booking (Joomla only).

WordPress users can try it right now by upgrading to Solidres for WP v0.9.1 and Invoice for WP plugin v0.5.0. Joomla users please wait for Solidres v2.5.0 release.

New feature highlight: Embedded check availability form

Embedded check availability form

It is a new feature for Hub plugin: Embedded Check Availability form. Now Hub owner can allow partner to embed a check availability form into partner’s external sites, the embedded form will forward all booking request to Hub site and forwarded guests will complete reservation in Hub site instead of partner’s external site. This is not only a great way to increase traffic and revenue for Hub site but also a convenient way for partner to have an internet booking engine integrated in their site.

All the things you need to make your work easier. Did you like Solidres?