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( Latest versions: 2.5.1 Stable, compatible with Joomla 3.6.5+   &   0.9.2 Stable, compatible with WordPress 4+ )

Introducing Sherry – our latest Joomla template for RMS

Please welcome Sherry, our first brand new Joomla template for 2018, it is also the second Joomla template made for our Restaurant Management System (RMS) component. It has a clean and elegant looks, fully responsive and support our RMS component out of the box. With Sherry and Brandy, you will have fully functional and ready to use restaurant website with minimum efforts. Like Brandy, this template comes with the Photoshop design file, a HTML documentation, template installation package and quickstart package. All subscribers can get a 35% discount when purchasing the new Sherry template.

Sherry - Joomla template for Restaurant Management System

New feature highlight: Revamped date picker

Date picker is one of the most important elements in Solidres. It is being used everywhere from front-end to back-end by end-users and administrators. In the upcoming Solidres for Joomla v2.6.0, we include a revamped date picker with a refreshed look and an ability to show unavailable dates right in the date picker (applied for tariff’s date picker). Combined with Flex Search plugin, Solidres now makes booking process a lot easier and more convenient for guests. Happy guests will lead to more booking for your business!

New feature highlight: modal available dates selection

Since Experience plugin v0.9.0, we added a new modal window that shows a list of available dates of an experience item for user selection. This new UI works best when your available dates are sparse, user will be able to select their desired booking date easier and faster. You can choose your favorite layout in your experience – tab Publishing.

New feature highlight: Seamless user profile integration

Until now, Solidres has a good integration with Joomla user system by extending it to add our custom fields. It works well so far but user/customer must register their account via Solidres. We’ve improved it further by allow integrating user profile between Solidres and Joomla regardless of where user was registered from. The below screenshot show both Solidres customer profile and Joomla user profile edit screen, they are both synchronized and can be edited from both sides.


Seamless user profile integration

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