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Solidres v0.9.0 development updates – May 2015

Coordinates editing

May has come and we’d like to share some latest development news:

Solidres for Joomla v0.9.0 development is going well with many bug fixes and new features implemented, the highlights are:

  • Reservation creation for staffs: before v0.9.0, reservation can only be made in front end. This new feature will allows reservation to be created by back end staff or front end partners (Hub plugin), it will be very handy when you need to record reservation over phones or direct reservation or reservation via other booking sources.
  • Editable asset’s coordinates: before v0.9.0, coordinates will be automatically generated in the background using Google Maps Geocoding service, but sometimes coordinates generated this way is not correct and we need to manually adjust them. Since v0.9.0 we add an UI that allow you to manually choosing coordinates by dragging map marker on a real Google Maps, it is very handy and ensure 100% accuracy.
  • Booking per night or per day: Solidres was built to support hotel booking, that’s why Solidres support booking per night out of the box. Since v0.9.0 we add a new field in asset to allow configure whether an asset is for booking per night or per day.
  • Add plugin event onSolidresTariffAfterCompute: this will allow you to write plugin which modify the computed tariff programmatically, it is useful when you want to change the tariff’s result the way you want without having to edit Solidres core files. With this change we also develop a simple plg_solidres_sample plugin to demonstrate this ability so that you can use it as an example to develop your own.
  • Add plugin event onSolidresAssetViewLoad: the initial idea is from this topic when fabrikastyle implemented mod_sr_last_visited. We have to give a big thank to fabrikastyle for the contribution and sharing effort. Base on that we developed mod_sr_myrecentsearches which offer the same functionality but following Solidres coding standard, this module will be released when v0.9.0 get stable.
  • And more which will be disclosed in the stable release change log.

About Solidres for WordPress, we are are working to keep it up to date with Solidres for Joomla v0.8.0 (or event v0.9.0 if time allows).

We will release Solidres for Joomla v0.9.0 Beta for all subscribers in the next several days to get feedback so that we can fine tune it for stable release. Please stay tuned and check back often for more news.

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