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Solidres for WordPress v0.3.0 and Solidres for Joomla v1.1.0 are released

We are happy to announce the availability of Solidres for WordPress v0.3.0 and Solidres for Joomla v1.1.0, change log can be found below:

Solidres for WordPress v0.3.0

  • Add better support for apartment/villas booking when there is only 01 quantity, now you can replace the quantity dropdown with a single button, you can also hide the room form so that guest can book directly too.
  • Add support for front end log in box (for User plugin)
  • Add live unread reservation count
  • Add inline change state for reservation listing view
  • Add option to show/hide the front end asset’s custom fields (Facilities, Policies)
  • Add calendar icon for front end date picker fields
  • Add check to see whether your server has full support for Paypal new requirement
  • Add check availability form for asset view
  • Increase the size of map modal in front end
  • Fix reservation start over link
  • Fix issue that break WP post’s feature image functionality
  • Fix reservation ordering in backend
  • Fix default values for date format
  • Fix issue when unpublished country still showed in front end
  • Fix issue when date picker does not handle min/max night constraint properly
  • Fix min people and max people constraint in room type form
  • Fix issue with currency exchange
  • Fix loading tariffs according to customer group (for Complex Tariff plugin)

Solidres for Joomla v1.1.0

  • Fix simple gallery does not display photo in modal
  • Fix map modal compatibility with some template providers
  • Fix state list that does not take country_id into consideration
  • Fix unpublished states are still showed
  • Fix incorrect model state values for Discount list view

For Joomla users, we also release Custom Field plugin v1.1.0 and User plugin v1.1.0 which fix several issue from previous version, detailed change log for these plugins is available in the download page.

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