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New feature highlight: Tags

Tags is one of the new features that we’ve been working on. It will be available for both properties and experiences with the Joomla com_tags integration. So what are tags’ use cases?

In Solidres, you can assign one category for your properties or experiences, it is good enough for many users, but others need an ability to assign properties and experiences to multiple categories. We can extend the current category system to support multiple category assignments, however, we think it is better to utilize Joomla’s com_tags for this purpose as it offers more flexibility and it also reduces the complexity for us to refactor the current category system.

For presentation: now you can create menu items that can show properties and experiences by tags (multiple tags are supported). It is good for your site content presentation and organization, it is also better in terms of SEO.

For searching: both properties and experiences Filter modules now support filtering by tags, that allows your guests to find their desired properties and experiences easier and quicker. You can use tags as properties and experiences’ features that your guests might be looking for.

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