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Summary module preview

We’d like to share a preview of the Summary module, one of the new features that will be included in Solidres for Joomla 2.11.0. This module is developed to increase the Solidres’s usability and user-friendly, especially in mobile devices. Please check the video below to get an overview of this new module:

This video was recorded in Joomla 4 Beta 3, we’ve put a lot of effort to improve Bootstrap 4 support for Solidres, and the result can be seen in the video.

Solidres for Joomla 2.11.0 will require PHP 7.2 as minimum requirement therefore please consider upgrading your PHP version as soon as you can to get the best performance and features. If your hosting does not offer PHP 7.2+, please run away from them as soon as you can as this is a big sign of a bad hosting provider. We also noticed some of our users can not upgrade PHP because one of their installed Joomla extensions is not compatible with the latest PHP versions: please uninstall it right away as it is a sign of a bad extension, please only install actively developed and well maintained extensions.

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