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Apartment layout preview

Solidres has established itself as a versatile booking system and we are proud of that. Over the years, apart from traditional accommodation/tours & activities booking, we’ve seen many interesting Solidres’ use cases that we did not plan for them initially: 4G USB, yacht, cat boarding… It brings many exciting challenges for us.

Apartment booking is the second most popular use case. Unlike hotel (room-based) booking which is quite complicated as Solidres does support multiple rooms + multiple rate plans booking, apartment booking is much simpler, that’s why we decided to make a tailored layout to optimize the apartment booking flow.

As you can see in the preview video, the new apartment layout is clean and clear, featured the new Nano Gallery plugin, it is very responsive as well. The preview video was made with Solidres v2.12.0 and Joomla 4 Beta 7 (Bootstrap 5), we’ve also made a lot of code refactoring to support Joomla 4 better in the upcoming releases. The new apartment layout also supports multiple rate plans (if you have more than one rate plan, there will be a rate plan drop down on top of the booking form), custom fields, extras like the generic property layout.

We are working very hard to release v2.12.0 and the associated extensions, please stay tuned.

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