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( Latest versions: 2.8.2 Stable, compatible with Joomla 3.9.0+   &   0.9.3 Stable, compatible with WordPress 4+ )

Solidres 0.2.0 released

Almost a month after the release of 0.1.0, we are happy to announce Solidres 0.2.0 (Beta) is available for testing now, this is not a stable version therefore it should not be used in production environment.

New features in 0.2.0 ares:

  • Auto update feature
  • Update Swift Mailer from 4.1.6 to 4.2.2
  • Use Icomoon icons for side navigation bar
  • Social networks selections in custom fields
  • Improve responsive layout (work best with 3rd templates based on Twitter Bootstrap)
  • Installation landing page
  • Upgrade jQuery UI from 1.8.23 to 1.9.2
  • Ability to override Solidres’s CSS from 3rd templates

Bugs fixed and improvements

  • Sending emails based on Joomla email configuration
  • jQuery conflicts with 3rd templates
  • Zend_Currency no locale found
  • Backend form saving failed with dynamically inserted element
  • Hard coded table prefix for PostgreSQL installation sql script
  • Coupon date comparision issue

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Today (10/11/12) is a special date for Solidres Team, we are happy to announce the first public version of Solidres is released (v0.1.1). This beta version should be used for preview purpose and it is not yet ready for production deployment. We’d love to hear your feedback and we are constantly looking forward to make Solidres better.

Our first task to get Solidres released is done however we still have a lot of works to do, in the upcoming weeks we will focus on fixing bugs, adding features as well improve the documentation (which need a lot of work we know)

Below is some useful links for you to get started with Solidres:

Happy special date!

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