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Solidres development update September 2016

We’ve just released new updates for Emerald, Orient and Lamour templates, including support for Solidres for Joomla v1.7.0 and latest plugins, their quick start packages are also updated to run latest Joomla 3.6.2 release. We are working on other templates to keep them up to date too. All active subscribers can download from our Download section.

Solidres for Joomla v1.8.0 is almost completed and it should be released next month, there are many improvements/bug fixes/new features in this version, one of the notable change is that Bootstrap 3 will be supported. There will be 03 new plugins to be released with this version as well, some existing plugins will also be updated and among them is Experience v0.3.0 which got the most updates and new features.

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