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Automatic translation is now available for Speedy Translate

Our mission for Speedy Translation is always the same “to make translation work in Joomla! easier and speedier”, that’s why we’ve just released a new Speedy Translate version with a new feature called “Automatic translation”, you can check it in our animated GIF below to have a quick overview of this feature:

Speedy Translate - Automatic translation for Joomla

Speedy Translate is now able to provide automatic translation suggestion for our Inline Translation feature using Translate API from Yandex Technologies, this API is free therefore you can try out right now, don’t forget to upgrade your Speedy Translate to the latest version. If you are having an active Speedy Translate subscription, then you can grab the new version from our Download page. Otherwise, let subscribe/renew Speedy Translate subscription and leave all the Joomla translation work headache behind, right now!

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