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New feature highlight: Flex Search plugin

Flex Search plugin

This new Solidres for Joomla plugin automatically suggest alternative available dates for your guest if their searched dates are unavailable, it provides significant improvements for both owners and guests: owners have a greater opportunity to retain guests instead of losing them while guests can choose another dates to stay at their favorite accommodations instead of having to spend their valuable time to find another one.

In the initial release, when guest’s searched dates are not available, Flex Search will find other available dates by increase guest’s check in and decrease guest’s check out and record available dates to show in front end. In the plugin parameters, you can adjust how far Flex Search should search and what how many length of stay you want to show in front end. Note that this plugin does not perform an exhausted search because it’d affect your site performance. We will add more search strategy in subsequent releases.

Restaurant Management System (RMS) 1.0.0 released

Solidres Restaurant Management System (RMS)

We’d like to welcome Restaurant Management System (RMS) as a new member in our family, as the name says, this new extension provide a simple yet powerful solution for those who is looking for a solid and ready to use solution for both independent restaurant and hotel restaurant. We also developed a dedicated and exclusive Joomla template called Brandy which is highly optimized for RMS, this template comes with a quick start package which can help you to get your restaurant website started in several minutes with minimum configuration needed.

To celebrate the new family member, we’d like to give a 30% discount coupon for all users, you can use this coupon code to subscribe RMS and RMS Brandy Joomla Template: SOLIDRESRMS. This coupon code is valid from today until July 31 2017.

Solidres for Joomla 1.9.0 released

Solidres 02 new reservation layouts in front end

Solidres for Joomla v1.9.0 stable is now available for download. This release has many new features, improvements as well as bug fixes. In this release we have 01 new plugin (Housekeeping) and 01 new backend module (Statistics module) as well as updates to existings plugins/modules/templates (Adora, BlueBee, Emerald, Infinity, L’Amour, Luxuria, Orient), please check the change log below and the download page for more information:

Solidres for Joomla v1.9.0

  • Add 02 new layouts for Solidres single asset view in front end. Note: this new feature requires latest Solidres’s Joomla templates versions. If you are using Joomla templates from 3rd template providers, make sure that those templates are fully tested and compatible with Solidres v1.9.0.
  • Add diagonal line for check in and chek out with booking per night in front end availability calendar
  • Add new menu type for showing single room type in front end
  • Add ability to automatically detect when guest’s session in front end is going to be expired
  • Add no room type and no tariffs warning messages in backend
  • Add new modal windows for room type/coupon/extra
  • Add option to show/hide the room type’s More Info button
  • Add new form field type for Solidres Media Manager
  • Add ability to detect database issue and fix them.
  • Add ability to apply guest occupancy options into the selected room type form
  • Add ability to override language per asset category
  • Add submenu Config to Solidres menu in Joomla backend
  • Add ability to automatically change the reservation code after the reservation status is changed in reservation list
  • Add more than 100 currencies that can be installed via the sample data installation
  • Update the prices when guest select/deselect extra items
  • Add room type drop down to Check Availability module
  • Now reservation made from backend can process payment from plugins like Authorize.net
  • Fix payment cancel URL issue with SEF
  • Make field reservation asset in extra form a required field
  • Fix incorrect option Disable customer registration
  • Fix extra tax into loading issue
  • Fix sample data installation in some servers

ACL plugin v0.2.0

  • Add support for Experience
  • Add ru-RU translation

Camera Slideshow plugin v0.4.0

  • Add support for 02 new Solidres single asset view

Complex Tariff v0.8.0

  • Copy tariff from one room type to another room type of the same asset
  • Increase the loading speed for list view
  • Don’t allow changing tariff’s mode

Discount v0.4.0

  • Fix redirection issue with adding new item
  • Improve ACL check in front end hub dashboard

Experience v0.4.0

  • Add support for deposit
  • Fix calendar responsive issue
  • Fix compatibility issue with PHP 5.3
  • Fix horizontal scroll bar issue in RTL languages
  • Fix deletion issue with foreign key constraint
  • Improve ACL check in front end hub dashboard

Experience Invoice v0.2.0

  • Fix invoice generation issue caused by some 3rd extension

Feedback v0.7.0

  • Improve CSS and styling for new Solidres single asset layouts
    Fix XML form not found in some servers

Feedback module v0.5.0

  • Add ru-RU translation

Housekeeping v0.1.0

  • Initial develoment. This new plugin allows you to manage rooms cleaning status, staff assignments

Hub v1.0.0

  • Integrate Facebook Send Dialog
  • Add slider for tariffs in hub search results
  • Add option to specify number of images ot be showed in front end hub search page
  • Add new modal article selection for better ACL
  • Add log out button for dashboard view
  • Improve Bootstrap 3 support
  • Fix redirection issue with adding new item → cancel
  • Fix conflict with chosen library
  • Fix issue that prevent extras list to be loaded in hub dashboard
  • Improve responsiveness for reservation edit screen

Limit Booking 0.6.0

  • Fix redirection issue with adding new item
  • Improve ACL check in front end hub dashboard

Assets module v0.6.0

  • Fix incorrect path for CSS file in module asset list view
  • Fix broken image path when there is spaces in image file name

Advanced Search module v0.9.0

  • Fix conflict with Chosen library
  • Consolidate HTML markup with Check Availabilty module for easier maintenance

Ical v0.3.0

  • Add support for Limit Booking plugin

Invoice & PDF plugin v0.6.1

  • Fix escaping issue caused by some 3rd extensions

Camera Slideshow module v0.4.0

  • Fix conflict issue with Statistics plugin in front end dashboard

Coupons module v0.6.0

  • Apply new modal window for coupon selection, now there is no need to manually enter the coupon ID.

Extras module v0.5.0

  • Apply new modal window for extra selection, now there is no need to manually enter the extra ID.

Quick Search module v0.2.0

  • Replace inline CSS with CSS file
  • Fix screen flickering issue

Room Types module v0.6.0

  • Apply the new modal window for extra selection, now there is no need to manually enter the room type ID.
  • Add support for Bootstrap 3
  • Add ability to show price with tax
  • Add option to configure the room type URL type

Statistics plugin v0.7.0

  • Add ability to resize/drag & drop reervation directly from dashboard
  • Add dedicated menu item in backend for statistics & report view
  • Add brand new Statistics module for Joomla admin
  • Fix issue that trashed and cancelled reservations showed in dashboard
  • Improve styling

Statistics module v0.1.0

  • Initial release

User plugin v1.4.0

  • Add ability to choose customer before making new reservation in backend
  • Fix PHP notice issue related to missing customer’s middle name.
  • Improve responsiveness for my reservation view

Stripe plugin v0.2.0

  • Add support for Stripe.js
  • Add more reservation info to payment info

Rescode v0.3.0

  • Reservation code should only be generated for new reservation, not amended reservation

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Update notes

Tour by local vs tour by company

Solidres Experience

The Travel & Tourism industry is no doubt a huge global market, according to the statistics from Statista.com, in 2015 this industry has contributed directly 2.23 trillions U.S. dollars into the global economy.

In such huge market, there are a lot of chances for everyone from traditional tour companies to a new trend called tours by locals.

Traditional tour companies offer well established travel plans from domestic to international destinations. The tourists often travel in large group with fixed schedule and destinations and it suits many tourists types from single, couple, family, group of friends, company trip. The travel plans are usually the same from month to month and year to year with little or no changes.

In the other hand, it is quite different for tours by locals. First, the number of tourist in a tour is often smaller, travel in a small group has several advantages like less conflicts, more flexible travel plans. Second, the tours are tailor-made and more dynamic which bring you a whole new unique travel experiences. Third, traveling with a passionate local could be more interesting and tourist can discover many new things from the destination more than they can do with a professional tour guide. More and more people nowadays are choosing this new way for their travel. We can see an increasing number of online booking sites for tour by locals like: vayable.com, triip.me and the recently launched airbnb.com for experiences

Regardless of whether you are a traditional tour company or an operator of a tours by locals site, Solidres.com offers you a solid platform that your business can rely on when competing in this huge market.

Solidres for WordPress 0.8.0 and Solidres for Joomla 1.8.1 released

We’ve like to introduce Solidres for WordPress 0.8.0 and Solidres for Joomla 1.8.1 released. There are also updates to existing plugins, detailed change log can be found below:

Solidres for WordPress v0.8.0

  • Add support for Bootstrap 3
  • Add check update feature
  • Fix time zone issue
  • Fix discount issue not filter by asset
  • Fix sending reservation email with PayPal

Discount v0.3.0 (WordPress)

  • Fix issue that disqualified discounts can stop further processing

Invoice v0.4.0 (WordPress)

  • Fix missing phone number in invoice notification email
  • Fix asset name does not support i18n
  • Fix per booking extra item does not show in PDF voucher

Offline v0.4.0 (WordPress)

  • Add support for Bootstrap 3

User v0.6.0 (WordPress)

  • Add support for Bootstrap 3

Solidres for Joomla v1.8.1

  • Improve Bootstrap 3 support
  • Fix live update checking with unpublished extensions
  • Fix PHP strict standard messages
  • Improve translation

Hub v0.9.1 (Joomla)

  • Fix upload issue in front end media manager.
  • Improve Bootstrap 3 support

Ical v0.2.0 (Joomla)

  • Refactor to support per room type instead of per asset
  • Support import/export reservations
  • Add ru-RU translation

Rescode v0.2.0 (Joomla)

  • Fix issue with {RES_ID} variable

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Update notes

  • Check our documentation for more details about upgrade notes for Joomla and WordPress

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