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Solidres mobile app updates

We’d like to say thank you to all testers who joined our mobile app testing program, we received a lot of good feedback to fine tune our mobile app further and now it is officially available in Google Play Store. Regarding Apple App Store, they required us to implement the in-app purchase API to let users buy their mobile subscription directly from the app therefore we need more time for it, in the mean time you can still use the Solidres app for iOS via Test Flight app (contact us if you want to join).

Please check the following documentation link to get started:


New feature highlight: Origins system

In previous versions, we have a simple Origins feature where users can enter an origin for a reservation as plain text. Since v2.9.0 we made a big improvement for Origins system by allowing you to create and manage origins via a dedicated UI. We also have a plan for future releases that support channel manager tax mapping.

New feature highlight: Custom tab for Experience

Since Experience plugin v1.4.0, we added a new feature to allow experience owner to insert their custom tabs, this feature is very useful if you want to show extra content in front end to end users in separated new tab without having to modify the layout files. To use it, first make sure that you are using Experience plugin v1.4.0+, then edit your experience item > Custom tab and add new tab there.

New feature highlight: Language override per property’s category

Actually, this is not a new feature, we had it for a while. However, the old implementation requires to modify language files which are not very convenient. Since Solidres for Joomla v2.9.0, we improve this feature by allowing managing language override per category right in the Joomla category edit form, please check it in the screenshot below.

As can be seen in the screenshot, we made an override for the language key SR_STEP_ROOM_AND_RATE=”Rooms & Rates” and change it a little bit to suit the category “Apartments” and this override will be applied for all properties under this category.

New feature highlight: Stripe plugin now support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

We’ve just released the new Stripe payment plugin 0.7.0 that added support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). All Stripe subscribers are recommended to update.

After installed the v0.7.0, please edit your property > Payments > Stripe, then set Integration Type as “Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)” to activate it.

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